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Web Development

We use the latest in technology to develop websites that focus on increasing user engagement.

In this technology based era where consumers find information, services, and products online, websites have become the most important component in business marketing.

If you want your website to deliver as expected, every step of building it needs to be handled professionally. Change is constant in all aspects of your website, which is why you need a website development company with extensive experience and knowledge in all the intricate aspects of this realm.

Website Development Process

In the highly competitive online world, uniqueness is your strength. We walk with you through the website development process to ensure that your website not only stands out, but is better than ones that belong to your competitors. Our website development team achieves this through that all important personal touch. We customize all aspects of your site to meet your needs and to create a smooth user experience for its visitors. The website development process also involves collaboration between our developers, strategists, and designers. This ensures that your audience has a picture perfect experience through your website’s structurally-solid architecture.

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E-commerce Development

While offering a secure shopping experience is crucial, our focus is also on providing a great user experience. We make sure consumers can find and select products easily. We provide a secure platform where they can enter their information, and the buying process remains seamless. On offer are scalable shopping carts that you may expand in time. Some of the aspects of e-commerce development we cover include inventory, payment gateways, pricing models, product variations, dynamic shipping and tracking, third-party tracking, and variable sales tax.

Content Management

A reliable content management system (CMS) gives you the ability to store, organize, and publish different kinds of content through a central interface. The custom CMS platforms we design take into account your business goals and its specific website development needs.

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Custom Web

We offer customized website development solutions, ensuring that every project we work on is truly unique. We do not make use of templates, and work in developing each new website from scratch. From front-end elements that users interact with to back-end programming that comprises of complicated code, we leave no stone unturned in delivering a user-friendly customized website.

Responsive Website

Websites that do not have responsive designs are unable to adapt to different screen sizes. A website with a responsive design, on the other hand, automatically resizes all its content according to the device in use, be it a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop. This is why responsive websites generate higher conversions across different types of devices. All the projects our website development team works on are completely responsive, so you can be sure that your website will work perfectly well on any device.

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Custom Integration

While our website development team develops highly customized solutions for several clients, there are instances when using what’s already available makes more sense. We can integrate established third-party apps that bring down costs, and are well-versed in using third-party integrations such as WordPress, WHMCS, Joomla, and Drupal. Before we begin the integration process we pay due attention to aspects such as usability, stability, cost, scalability, and flexibility. Savings, from a client’s point of view, come in the form of time and money that may have gone into developing a customized solution.

Web Application

Any application that relies on a web browser to run is a web application. Examples of web applications that your website may need include guest sign-ins, message boards, word processors, and spreadsheets. Our website development team has more than enough experience in building B2B and B2C web applications for real-time communication, data analytics, video delivery, and e-learning.

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Mobile App Delevelopment

While web development essentially looks into websites, developing apps for mobile phones is a different ball game. Statistics show that an increasing number of consumers are relying on their mobile phones when searching for businesses, which is why we offer high quality mobile app development services. We focus on developing mobile apps that are targeted at your specific business needs and those of its customers.

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